Black Axial AC Fan Motor for Refrigeration Units

Black Axial AC Fan Motor for Refrigeration Units

one&interval An overview of axial followers with exterior rotor motor

one&time period YWF sequence axial followers are external rotor motors&period These motors have characteristics of compact construction&comma practical installation and high effectiveness&time period
2&period of time YWF series exterior rotor motors have two kinds&comma single stage asynchronous capacitor admirer motor and 3 phases asynchronous fan motor&time period They are ideal for business freezer and cold storage&comma ice equipment&comma air cooling machine&comma h2o chiller&comma condensing unit&comma central air-conditioning and heater&comma and so on&time period
3&interval The insulation course of motor is F or B&comma and the safety class of that is IP54 or IP44&period of time All motors have thermal protector in the winding&period of time
4&period of time Voltage&colon The voltage of the single phase motor is 120V&sol60Hz&comma 220V&sol50Hz&time period The voltage of three phases motor is 380V&sol50Hz&comma we can also supply other fan motors with link box for clients’ selections&period of time
5&period of time The axial supporters are CZPT with enthusiast guard grill and CZPT guard grill&comma operating with 200mm to 900mm diameter supporter blades&period of time
6&time period The useable ambient temperature is from -30°C to 60°C&period
7&period The service life of motors is a lot more than 30&comma000 hrs&period of time
eight&interval Before running the motor&comma make confident to set the earth wire of the motor related with the exterior grounding gadget&period
nine&time period Most of External Rotor Motors have passed UL&comma CE acceptance in CZPTpe and CCC security certification in China&time period

two&period of time performance parameters

YWF4E350 230 50&sol60 &period62&sol0&period71 130&sol160 1350&sol1550 2300&sol2600 four 64&sol68 one two
YWF4D350 400Y fifty&sol60 &period39&sol0&period37 a hundred forty five&sol180 1350&sol1550 2600&sol3000 &sol sixty four&sol68  
YWF4D350-7P 230 fifty&sol60 &period66&sol0&period8 one hundred forty five&sol185 1350&sol1480 2680&sol2930 4 64&sol68 three four
YWF6E350 230 50&sol60 &period48&sol0&period4 88&sol85 910&sol1060 1700&sol1950 3 55&sol58 5 six

YWF4E400 230 50&sol60 &period77&sol0&period9 a hundred sixty five&sol205 1360&sol1535 3715&sol3800 6 69&sol73 one two
YWF4D400 400Y fifty&sol60 &period5&sol0&period47 one hundred seventy&sol220 1370&sol1550 3715&sol3850 &sol sixty nine&sol73  
YWF4D400-7P 230 50 &period85 196 1320 3600 6 69&sol73 three
YWF6E400 230 50&sol60 &period55&sol0&period5 115 920&sol1090 2570&sol2700 four fifty nine&sol62 4 5
YWF6D400 400Y fifty&sol60 &period32&sol0&period28 ninety eight&sol102 920&sol1090 2570&sol2700 &sol fifty nine&sol62

YWF4E450 230 50&sol60 1&period1&sol1&period5 250&sol350 1350&sol1550 5000&sol5980 8 70&sol74 1 two
YWF4D450 400Y 50&sol60 &period53&sol0&period6 240&sol330 1350&sol1550 5000&sol5980 &sol 70&sol74
YWF6E450 230 50&sol60 &period62&sol0&period66 one hundred thirty&sol150 930&sol1090 3350&sol3830 six 63&sol67 3 four
YWF6D450 400Y fifty&sol60 &period35&sol0&period31 115&sol130 930&sol1090 3350&sol3500 &sol sixty three&sol67
YWF4E450-seven 230 50&sol60 one&period4&sol2&period0 320&sol450 1300&sol1400 5800&sol6000 eight 70&sol74 5 6

YWF4E500 230 fifty&sol60 1&period8&sol2&period0 390&sol440 1320&sol1500 6100&sol7500 ten 76&sol80 one two
YWF4D500 400Y 50&sol60 &period74&sol0&period82 400&sol440 1320&sol1500 6100&sol7500 &sol 76&sol80
YWF6E500 230 fifty&sol60 &period65&sol0&period9 one hundred thirty&sol190 915&sol1050 4300&sol4700 6 66&sol70 three 4
YWF6D500 400Y fifty&sol60 &period44&sol0&period41 145&sol175 930&sol1050 4300&sol4700 &sol 66&sol70

YWF4E550 230 50&sol60 two&period2&sol3&period1 500&sol710 1340&sol1500 8250&sol8700 sixteen 76&sol80 1 2
YWF4D550 400Y fifty&sol60 one&period1&sol1&period3 480&sol700 1340&sol1500 8250&sol8700 &sol seventy six&sol80
YWF6E550 230 fifty&sol60 1&period15&sol1&period55 230&sol335 940&sol1100 5400&sol6400 10 66&sol71 three four
YWF6D550 400Y fifty&sol60 1&period1&sol0&period92 290&sol345 940&sol1080 5400&sol6400 &sol sixty six&sol71

YWF4E600 230 50&sol60 2&period35&sol3&period5 550&sol780 1400&sol1600 8100&sol9270 sixteen 78&sol81 one 2
YWF4D600 400Y 50&sol60 one&period4&sol1&period5 500&sol750 1400&sol1600 8100&sol9270 &sol seventy eight&sol81
YWF6E600 230 50&sol60 two&period4&sol2&period6 450&sol600 940&sol1100 7800&sol9100 twelve 68&sol73 three four

YWF4E630 230 50&sol60 3&period2&sol4&period7 680&sol1000 1350&sol1500 11000&sol11700 20 81&sol83 one two
YWF4D630 400Y 50&sol60 one&period7&sol1&period9 720&sol1000 1350&sol1540 11000&sol11700 &sol 81&sol83
YWF6E630 230 fifty&sol60 two&period5&sol2&period9 450&sol620 920&sol1030 7600&sol9000 twelve seventy two&sol75 three 4
YWF6D630 400Y 50&sol60 1&period3&sol1&period2 430&sol600 920&sol1030 7600&sol9000 &sol 72&sol75

Black Axial AC Fan Motor for Refrigeration Units