Fr4 Plate China Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet

Fr4 Plate China Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet

FR4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet

This laminated merchandise is formed by means of warmth urgent right after electrical business alkali glass cloth dips into the epoxy phenolic resin. It has substantial mechanic and dielectric functionality, and relevant as insulation structural factors for electromechanical/electrical products, as nicely as used below damp environmental conditions and transformer oil .

CZPT necessity for area
The surface of laminated board need to be flat and smooth, no bubble, no wrinkle, no delamination or crackle, and correctly cost-free from other defects these kinds of as scrape, impress,soiled spot and uneven shade, but a tiny coloration patches is authorized.The surface of laminated board ought to be flat and easy, no bubble, no wrinkle, no delamination or crackle, and appropriately free of charge from other flaws this kind of as scrape, impress, soiled spot and uneven color, but a small color patches is allowed.

Large mechanical properties, and oil resistance and particular dielectric property.
Thermal rating is one hundred twenty, and temperature resistance : a hundred and fifty centidegrees
Endure a selection of chemical solvents and acid erosion

Chemical equipment components , general device parts and gear ,and generators, Pads, base, baffle and so on.. Generator ,transformer, fixture, inverter, motor and electric powered insulation component .

Technician Data  

Test Item Take a look at Problem Unit SPEC Typical Value
Tg DSC °C ≥125 135
Flammability E-24/125 ____ UL94V- V-
Volume Resistivity C-96/35/90 MΩ.cm ≥106 2.0×108
Surface area Resistivity C-ninety six/35/90 ≥104 2.0×106
Arc Resistivity D-forty eight/50+D-.five/23 S ≥60 a hundred thirty five
Dielectric Breakdown D-48/50+D-.5/23 KV ≥40 sixty
Dielectric Consistent(1MHz) 1MHz
____ ≤5.4 four.six
Dissipation Factor(1MHz) 1MHz
____ .035 .0117
Thermal Pressure Unetched 288°C,10S ____ No Delamination No Delamination
Flexural Energy LW N/mm2 ≥415 five hundred
CW ≥315 450
Absorption D-24/23 % ≤0.eight .fifteen
CTI IEC60112 Strategy V one hundred seventy five~250(Quality 3) 210


Fr4 Plate China Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet