High Power 24V 48V 100W 200W 400W 600W 800W 1000W 1500W Brushless DC Motor BLDC Motor with Hall Sensor 3 Phase High Torque BLDC Motor DC Motor with Hall

High Power 24V 48V 100W 200W 400W 600W 800W 1000W 1500W Brushless DC Motor BLDC Motor with Hall Sensor 3 Phase High Torque BLDC Motor DC Motor with Hall

Kind one

Higher precision Brushless dc servo motor with encoder, brake for electrical car,AGV,tracked auto

Merchandise Features
Security quality:IP65, insulation grade:F
Winding overhang structure optimization, to lessen the copper decline and iron loss minimization, small volume, light-weight fat, minimal temperature increase, higher performance
Tremendous higher coercivity, the highest magnetic power merchandise NdFe35 permanent magnetic supplies, strong resistance to demagnetization, motor functionality is stable.
Lower sound, reduced vibration, reduced moment of inertia.
High torque, fast dynamic response, extensive pace assortment, strong overload ability (four moments)

*High Torque to inertia ratio&up to 25000Nm/kgm²
*Rapidly dynamic response *time continual <20ms
*Vast pace altering&feedback up to 1000:one
*Constant speed precision up to .5%
*Substantial overload,2Mn/30s,3.5N.m/10s
*Modest quantity and light
*Silent,the lowest sound is only 45dB(A)
*Guarded with IP65,Class F insulation
Market course
one.The altitude should be in excess of 1000 meters previously mentioned sea stage
2.Setting temperature:+5ºC~+40ºC
three.The thirty day period typical tallest relative humidity is 90%,at the identical the thirty day period common lowest temperature is much less than 25

Product Rated electricity/W Rated volt/V Rated speed/rpm Rated Recent/A Rated Torque/N.m Encoder/ppr
ZB60AS5711-thirty 100W 24V 3000RPM five.4A .318N.m 2500
ZB60AS5712-30 200W 24V 3000RPM ten.4A .63N.m 2500
ZB80AS5712-15 200W 24V/48V 1500rpm 9.4A/four.7A one.27N.m 2500
ZB80AS5714-fifteen 400W 24V/48V 1500RPM 21.3A/10.6A 2.55N.m 2500
ZB80AS5714-thirty 400W 24V/48V 3000RPM eighteen.8A/nine.4A one.27N.m 2500
ZB110AS0405-fifteen 500w 24V/48V 1500rpm 28A/14A 3.1N.m 2500
ZB110AS0408-15 800w 24V/48V 1500rpm 44A/22A 5.0N.m 2500
ZB110AS571-fifteen 1000w 24V/48V 1500rpm 52A/28A six.3N.m 2500
ZB110AS 0571 -25 1200w 48V 2500rpm 33A 4.5N.m 2500
ZB110AS571-fifteen 1500w 48V 1500rpm 37.5A 9.5N.m 2500
ZB110AS571-thirty 1500w 48V 3000rpm 37.5A 4.7N.m 2500
ZB110AS0420-25 2000w 48V 2500rpm  55A  7.6N.M 2500
ZB130AS0430-15 3000W 48V 1500rpm 73A 19.1N.m 2500

Electricity wiring

Yellow Inexperienced Blue

Braked wiring(if need brake, kindly suggest)

Brake Brake
Brake Brake

Hall Encoder wiring


 Note: The encoder wire color determine make sure you refer to the label on the motor.

Kind 2

high electrical power 24V 48v 100w 200w 400W 600w 800w 1000w 1500w Brushless DC Motor Hall Sensor three phase 

We are major maker of  brushless dc (BLDC) motors with energy variety from 200W to 3000W, and the voltage range from 24V to 48V DC. It has been commonly utilized for many applications, eg., automobile sector, AGV , Robot,hearth battling robot, forklifts, tracked robotic, boats and many others. It has far better performances than other classic dc motors. 

Design Quantity of Poles Variety of Phases Nominal voltage VDC Rated pace        RPM Rated Torque      N-m Rated Existing    Amps Output Electricity       Watts Peak Torque     N-m Peak Current    Amps Mass                     kg
42BZ40-260 four three 24 3000 .075 one.three 22 .21 4 .3
42BZ50-260 4 3 24 3000 .1 one.nine 31 .three five.seven .four
42BZ60-260 4 3 24 3000 .a hundred twenty five two.four 39.two .3 7.2 .forty five
42BZ80-260 four three 24 3000 .185 three.five fifty eight .fifty six 10.two .65
42BZ100-260 4 three 24 3000 .25 4.seven seventy eight.five .seventy five fourteen.one .eight
57BL50-240 4 three 24 3000 .fifteen two.7 forty seven .forty five eight.1 .5
57BL70-240 24 .three five.4 ninety four .nine 16.2 .seventy five
57BL90-240 24 .45 7.9 141 1.35 23.seven one
57BL110-440 48 .6 5.three 188 1.eight sixteen one.25
60BL50-240 eight three 24 3000 .32 5.five a hundred 1 sixteen.five .85
60BL70-240 24 .64 eleven 200 one.ninety two 33 one.25
60BL90-440 forty eight .ninety six eight.three 300 two.88 33 one.sixty five
60BL110-440 48 1.28 11 400 3.eighty four 33 2.05
60BL110-640 310 one.28 one.7 four hundred three.84 five.one two.05
86BL70-240 eight 3 24 3000 .8 fourteen 250 two.four 42 1.eighty five
86BL100-440 forty eight 1.6 fourteen five hundred four.8 forty two 2.six
86BL125-440 forty eight 2.4 21 750 seven.two sixty three 4
86BL125-640 310 2.four 3.three 750 seven.two ten four
110BL110-440 8 3 forty eight 3000 three.two 28 1000 10 84 4.five
110BL110-640 310 3.two four.1 a thousand ten 13 4.five
110BL140-440 forty eight 4.8 42 1500 fourteen.four 126 6
110BL140-640 310 4.8 six.five 1500 fourteen.four 19.five six
110BL170-432 8 3 48V 3000 6.four 55 2000 18 a hundred sixty five eight

Corridor Wiring


Direct No. Lead Shade Guide Gauge Function  Description 
1 Crimson UL3266/28AWG VCC+5VDC Provide VOLTAGE FOR Corridor SENSORS
two Black   GND Floor FOR Hall SENSORS 
3 Yellow    Corridor A Sign OF Corridor A
4 Green    Corridor B Sign OF Hall B
five Blue UL3266/26AWG Hall C Sign OF Hall C
1 Yellow   Period U MOTOR Stage U
2 Green    Phase V MOTOR Stage V
3 Blue   Phase W MOTOR Period W


Nowadays, a increasing amount of programs count on a brushless DC (BLDC) motor, ranging from automotive to industrial programs. Additionally, BLDC motors are utilized in health-related tools, home appliances, building controls and industrial automation. In each occasion, a BLDC motor is chosen for the several advantages it gives, like:

Maximum efficiency

Small motor size

Gentle excess weight

Lengthier lifetime

No upkeep

No sparking

Continual operation

Variable speed

1.Brushless dc motor with planetary reducer
two.Brushless dc motor with worm gear recuder
3.Brushless dc motor with encoder and brake

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High Power 24V 48V 100W 200W 400W 600W 800W 1000W 1500W Brushless DC Motor BLDC Motor with Hall Sensor 3 Phase High Torque BLDC Motor DC Motor with Hall