Marine Grade Electric Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeve in Insulation

Marine Grade Electric Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeve in Insulation

Maritime Grade CZPT Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeve in Insulation 

What is the Unique of Heat Shrinkable Tube?

one.2:one Shrink Ratio (shrinks to one/2 its unique diameter)
2.Lengthwise Shrinkage Around five-seven% During Shrink Process 
three.70ºC Shrink Temperature 
4.-55ºC to 125ºC Operating Temperature Range 
5.Meets UL, CSA & MIL,Halogen free Requirements 
6.Flame Retardant (Besides Clear Shade) 
7.Higher resistance To Chemicals & Oils
8.Rated for 600v

What are the Details of our  Heat Shrink Tube?

Application heat shrink tubing that is utilized extensively for cable and wire harnessing, strain aid, insulation, colour-coding, identification and protection
Substance Polyethylene 
Shrink Ratio two:one
Functioning Temperature -45°C~+125°C
Shrink Temperature 70°C
Flammability VW-one,self-extinguish 
Wall Sort Solitary
Thickness .15mm~.30mm
Accessible Dimensions 1mm ID~50mm ID
CZPT Color Black
CZPT Color Hues
Reducing Device Scissor
Certification ROHS, Achieve,Halogen Free
Sample Guide time As usual three-7 operating days
Manufacturing Guide time seven~10 days


Heatshrink tubing is the perfect way to create a tight, expert complete on any wire, hose or cable management project. When shrunk, the tubing will keep its lowered state, even in elevated temperatures. Common apps for the heatshrink tube incorporate: electrical insulation, termination, splicing, cable bundling, color coding, pressure reduction, wire marking, identification, mechanical safety, corrosion defense, abrasion safety and moisture and weather conditions sealing.

2:one warmth shrink tubing appropriate for electrical insulation, wire bundling, colour coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints and day-to-day repairs and many others


Portion No. Nominal Size Shrink Ratio CZPTvered Packing
Interior Diameter Wall Thickness Interior Diameter Wall Thickness (M/Spool)
MJ-HSTS-.six .6mm .15mm two:1 .30mm .28mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-.8 .8mm .15mm .40mm .30mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-1. one.5mm .18mm .60mm .36mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-1.five 2.0mm .20mm .80mm .40mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-two. two.5mm .20mm one.00mm .42mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-two.5 three.0mm .22mm one.25mm .42mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-three. 3.5mm .25mm one.50mm .46mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-three.5 four.0mm .25mm 1.75mm .46mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-four. 4.5mm .25mm two.00mm .48mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-4.5 five.0mm .25mm two.25mm .50mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-5. 5.5mm .25mm 2.50mm .50mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-5.five six.0mm .28mm 2.75mm .56mm 200m
MJ-HSTS-6. six.5mm .28mm 3.00mm .56mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-seven. seven.5mm .30mm 3.50mm .58mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-eight. 8.5mm .30mm four.00mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-nine. 9.5mm .30mm four.50mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-ten. 10.5mm .30mm 5.00mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-eleven. 11.5mm .30mm five.50mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-12. 12.5mm .30mm six.00mm .60mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-13. 13.5mm .36mm 6.50mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-14. 14.5mm .36mm seven.00mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-15. fifteen.5mm .36mm 7.50mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-16. sixteen.5mm .40mm 8.00mm .65mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-18. 19.0mm .40mm 9.00mm .70mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-twenty. 21.0mm .40mm ten.00mm .75mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-22. 23.0mm .40mm 11.00mm .80mm 100m
MJ-HSTS-twenty five. 26.0mm .50mm twelve.50mm .90mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-28. 29.0mm .50mm 14.00mm .95mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-thirty. 31.0mm .43mm 15.50mm .85mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-35. 36.0mm .44mm eighteen.00mm .85mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-forty. forty one.0mm .44mm twenty.50mm .85mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-50. fifty one.0mm .46mm twenty five.50mm .90mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-60. sixty one.0mm .47mm thirty.50mm .96mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-70. seventy one.0mm .48mm 35.50mm .98mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-eighty. eighty one.0mm .50mm 40.50mm one.00mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-90. 91.0mm .55mm forty five.50mm one.10mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-a hundred. one hundred.0mm .60mm fifty.00mm 1.20mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-one hundred twenty. 120.0mm .62mm sixty.00mm one.30mm 25m
MJ-HSTS-one hundred fifty. a hundred and fifty.0mm .65mm seventy five.0mm 1.31mm 25m


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Marine Grade Electric Adhesive Heat Shrink Sleeve in Insulation