Neodymium Rare Earth Sintered Disc Magnet Dynamic Magnetic Assembly

Neodymium Rare Earth Sintered Disc Magnet Dynamic Magnetic Assembly

Neodymium Uncommon Earth Sintered Disc Magnet Dynamic Magnetic Assembly

Solution Title Neodymium Exceptional Earth Sintered Disc Magnet Dynamic Magnetic Assembly
Form Rectangle (Block, Cylinder, Ring, Disk, Rod, Bar, Countersunk, Arc, Segmented, Trapezoid, Irregular shapes  are CZPT)
Magnetized Direction By means of the thickness or through the diameter
Variety of coating Nickel (Zinc, Gold or Black Epoxy are CZPT)
Tolerance in dimensions +/-.1 mm
Materials NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron)
Dimension CZPTized dimensions are CZPT.
Density 7.five (g/cm3)
Quality N35-N54, N35M-N52M, N33H-N50H, N33H-N50H, N33SH-N48SH, N30UH-N45UH, N28EH-N38EH
Specification one. Made by blended neodymium iron boron powder, via the procedures of Strip casting, Hydrogen decrepitation, Jet milling, Pressing, Isostatic urgent, Sintering, Grinding, Slicer, Area therapy
two. The most potent magnets are CZPT and could be immediately created into different complex shapes
3. Precise dimension
4. Substantial overall performance
five. Uniform magnetism
6. Rust-proof components(coating Zinc, Nickel, Epoxy, Gold and so on)
seven. Quantity generation Carton or Pallets SGS 
Packing Technique Many items to Styrofoam, shield plate, carton, pallet.
Certification SGS
Direct-time 7-22days in accordance to the purchase

one. Generation process

2. Product display

3. The grades CZPT

Series Quality Remanence Intrinsic Coercive pressure Max. Strength Item Max. Functioning Temp
Br Hcj (BH) max
T kGs KA/m KOe KJ/m3 MGOe ºC
N N35 1.17-one.24 11.7-12.4 ≥955 ≥12 263-286.5 33-36 80
N38 1.22-1.thirty 12.two-13. ≥955 ≥12 287-310 36-39 80
N40 1.26-1.32 12.6-13.2 ≥955 ≥12 302-326 38-41 eighty
N42 1.29-1.35 twelve.9-13.5 ≥955 ≥12 318-342 forty-43 80
N45 1.33-one.38 13.3-thirteen.8 ≥955 ≥12 334-366 42-forty six 80
N48 1.36-one.forty two thirteen.six-fourteen.2 ≥876 ≥12 358-390 45-49 80
N50 1.40-1.forty five 14.-fourteen.five ≥876 ≥12 374-406 47-51 80
N52 one.forty three-1.forty eight fourteen.3-14.8 ≥876 ≥12 390-422 49-fifty three 80
N54 1.45-one.51 14.5-15.1 ≥876 ≥12 398-430 fifty-fifty five 80
M N35M 1.seventeen-one.24 ≥1114 ≥14 263-286 33-36 100
N38M one.22-1.thirty twelve.two-13. ≥1114 ≥14 287-310 36-39 100
N38MT 1.22-12.six twelve.two-12.6 ≥1115 ≥15 287-310 36-39 a hundred
N40M 1.26-one.32 twelve.6-13.2 ≥1114 ≥14 302-326 38-41 100
N42M one.29-1.35 twelve.nine-13.five ≥1114 ≥14 318-342 forty-forty three a hundred
N45M one.32-one.38 thirteen.2-thirteen.eight ≥1114 ≥14 334-366 forty two-forty six one hundred
N48M one.37-1.43 thirteen.7-14.3 ≥1114 ≥14 358-390 45-forty nine 100
N50M 1.40-one.45 fourteen.-14.5 ≥1114 ≥14 374-406 forty seven-fifty one a hundred
N52M 1.42-1.forty eight 14.2-fourteen.eight ≥1114 ≥14 390-422 49-fifty three 100
H N35H 1.seventeen-1.24 ≥1350 ≥17 263-286 33-36 120
N38H one.22-one.thirty twelve.2-thirteen. ≥1350 ≥17 287-310 36-39 120
N40H 1.26-one.32 twelve.6-13.two ≥1350 ≥17 302-326 38-forty one a hundred and twenty
N42H 1.29-one.35 twelve.9-13.five ≥1350 ≥17 318-342 forty-43 one hundred twenty
N45H 1.31-1.37 thirteen.1-13.7 ≥1350 ≥17 335-366 forty two-46 one hundred twenty
N48H 1.37-one.forty three thirteen.7-14.three ≥1274 ≥16 358-390 forty five-forty nine 120
N50H 1.40-1.45 fourteen.-fourteen.5 ≥1274 ≥16 374-405 forty seven-fifty one one hundred twenty
SH N33SH one.fourteen-1.21 ≥1592 ≥20 247-270 31-34 a hundred and fifty
N35SH 1.17-one.24 eleven.7-12.four ≥1592 ≥20 263-287 33-36 150
N38SH 1.22-1.29 12.2-12.nine ≥1592 ≥20 287-310 36-39 one hundred fifty
N40SH 1.26-one.32 12.six-13.2 ≥1592 ≥20 302-326 38-forty one 150
N42SH 1.29-one.35 12.nine-thirteen.five ≥1592 ≥20 318-342 forty-forty three 150
N45SH 1.32-one.38 13.2-13.8 ≥1592 ≥20 335-366 forty two-46 one hundred fifty
N48SH 1.36-one.39 thirteen.six-thirteen.nine ≥1592 ≥20 335-366 forty two-46 150
UH N30UH one.08-1.16 ten.8-eleven.6 ≥1990 ≥25 223-247 28-31 a hundred and eighty
N33UH one.14-1.21 ≥1990 ≥25 247-271 31-34 180
N35UH 1.seventeen-1.24 eleven.7-12.four ≥1990 ≥25 263-286 33-36 180
N38UH 1.22-1.29 12.two-12.nine ≥1990 ≥25 287-310 36-39 a hundred and eighty
N40UH one.26-one.32 twelve.6-13.2 ≥1990 ≥25 302-326 38-41 180
N42UH 1.29-1.35 12.9-13.five ≥1990 ≥25 318-342 forty-forty three one hundred eighty
EH N30EH one.08-1.fifteen 10.eight-eleven.5 ≥2388 ≥30 223-247 28-31 two hundred
N33EH 1.fourteen-1.21 ≥2388 ≥30 247-271 31-35 200
N35EH 1.17-one.24 ≥2388 ≥30 263-287 33-36 200
N38EH 1.22-1.29 twelve.2-12.9 ≥2388 ≥30 287-310 36-39 200
AH N28AH 1.04-one.12 ten.4-11.2 ≥2627 ≥33 207-231 26-29 220
N30AH 1.08-one.fifteen ten.8-11.5 ≥2627 ≥33 223-247 28-31 220
N33AH one.14-one.21 11.4-12.1 ≥2627 ≥33 247-271 31-34 220

four. Magnetized path

5. NdFeB magnet software subject

6. Workshop display

seven. Screening Gear

eight. Patents

nine. Package deal
    The standard package deal is Neutral packing, Defend packing, Vacuum packing, or Pallet. The special deal will stick to the customer’s specifications. 

ten. Delivery
a: Courier (TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.), Airfreight, or Sea freight.
b: If the fat is under 40Kgs, we would recommend to deliver them with shielding packing containers.
c: If the bodyweight is amongst 40Kgs-100Kgs, it can be despatched by courier or Airfreight.
d: If the weight is in excess of 100Kgs, we would advocate to deliver them by Sea freight.

11. More About Us

      HangCZPT CZPT Electronic Co., Ltd. ( Stock Code: 872572) was proven in 2011, as a national large-tech company, which is engaged in production and product sales of high-overall performance unusual earth long term magnet resources and its application merchandise. We have previously possessed the annual manufacturing potential of 2000 tons of Substantial-performance Sintered NdFeB exceptional earth permanent magnets till now.

       CZPT’s merchandise are broadly used in a lot of fields, this sort of as buyer electronicsnew strength vehicles, UAV, wind era, elevators, medical devices, power-saving family appliances, rail transit, industrial power-saving motor, long term magnet relay, etc…
       CZPT has superior technologies and very first-class production evaluation and tests gear, which can produce bulk large-functionality magnetic steels, these kinds of as N54, 52M, 52H, 50SH, 42UH, 38EH, and 30AH. They could hold products with higher efficiency, high regularity, higher trustworthiness, and low excess weight loss functionality.

       CZPT has professional R&D teams, this kind of as “ZheJiang Exceptional Earth Permanent Magnet Components and Units CZPT R&D Centre”, “ZheJiang Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Foundation”, “ZheJiang Unusual Earth Practical Supplies Production Innovation Center”, “HangCZPT Exceptional Earth Permanent Magnet Materials and System CZPT Technology R&D Middle”. Via shut Sector-University-Investigation cooperation with renowned colleges and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, CZPT keeps in line with the global leading stage of technology and quality.

1. Q: Which is the strongest sort of magnet? 
    A: Neodymium (a lot more exactly Neodymium-Iron-Boron) magnets are the strongest long lasting magnets in the globe.

two. Q: What are the size restrictions on production neodymium magnets?
   A: The boundaries consist of:
        — 2″ max in magnetized route
        — four” max diameter for discs and rings
        — 4″ max size and width for blocks
        — 1/32″ minimum on thickness on any magnet
        — 1/16″ minimum diameter on outer diameter
        — one/sixteen” least diameter on any hole
three. Q: What data do we need when you ship an inquiry?
    A: If you have any inquiry, please kindly advise the adhering to products:
         – Dimensions, shape, and drawing with tolerances.
         – Materials grade or magnetic qualities.
         – Magnetic route, quantity, surface coating (if needed).
         – Any unique packing, delivering or other demands.
4. Q: What about the sample time and cost?
    A: 7-15 days if the samples are CZPT
         3-7 times for our present samples for reference
         The sample value is negotiable.
five. Q: What about the shipping time of bulk manufacturing?
    A: 10-20days depends on style and amount.
         Fast Supply after you verified the design and style, we can make and supply it as quickly as achievable.
six. Q: Could you supply the shortest lead time?
    A: That is dependent on the CZPT content stock, we will try our very best to satisfy you if any urgency.
7. Q: What is your MOQ?
    A: 10-a hundred-500-one thousand-5000-ten thousand-200000 pcs and so forth. relies upon on various sizes, things, design, and procedures. MIN and a SMALL quantity can be satisfactory.
8. Q: What is actually the payment strategy?
    A: L/CT/T in progress (telegraphic transfer-lender order) for small get or samples get
         Western Union income – for tiny buy or samples get.
         Other payment: Paypal.
        Different places might exist some differences.
9. Q: Could we shell out a visit to your factory?
    A: Of course, of course, warmly welcome if you can pay a visit to our manufacturing facility.
ten. Q: The place is your factory?
     A: Our manufacturing facility locates in No.five Mannifen Highway, Financial and Technological CZPT Zone, HangCZPT town, ZheJiang Province, China. It’s all around ten minutes from HangCZPT Airport to our manufacturing facility by car. 
11. Q: If I have more concerns, exactly where can I get the solutions?
     A: Any inquiries, remember to feel totally free to contact us at any time.  
          Cell: 177 7970 4448 
Ultimately—Why do you decide on us?
1. Strong R&D team
2. Professional Sales staff
3. 6 years export activities make us fulfill you much better.
four. High and stable quality
five. Sensible direct manufacturing facility value
6. Fast and on-time supply.
7. Experienced by CZPT, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, RoHS, SGS, and Reach. 
Inquiry Hotline:

Mobile: + 177 7970 4448

Neodymium Rare Earth Sintered Disc Magnet Dynamic Magnetic Assembly