Small Pouch Salt Sugar Back Sealing Packaging Machine

Small Pouch Salt Sugar Back Sealing Packaging Machine

Multi-Function Packaging Machines flour spices powder packing device sort fill seal packing machine 


1.The device construction is compact, phase motor to pull membrane, soild, CZPT, stable efficiency, low sound.

2.Employing photoelectric eye management program, reputable and secure overall performance.

3.The frequency manage of motor speed, far more secure procedure, lower noise, lower failure price.

4.Computerized from measuring, bagging, date printing to completed goods output off.

five. Use spring compression theory, pneumatic reducing, 5 package more steady.

CZPT Parameters

Sort MD-K420 MD-K520 MD-K720 MD-K820
Bag duration 50-300mm eighty-400mm one hundred twenty-500mm a hundred-500mm
Bag width 50-200mm eighty-250mm a hundred and twenty-350mm 250-400mm
Max Film width 420mm 520mm 720mm 820mm
Packing pace five-70bags/min five-70bags/min 5-50bags/min five-60bags/min
Measuring variety one hundred-1200ml 3000ml(Max) 5000ml(Max) 15L (Max)
Air consumption .65mpa .65Mpa .65Mpa .65Mpa
Gas usage .3m³/min .3m³/min .5m³/min .8m³/min
Electricity voltage 220V/380V 220V/380V 220V/380V 220V/380V
Power two.2KW 4.0Kw 5Kw 5Kw
Dimension 1320×950×1360mm 1150×1795×1650mm 1780×1350×1700mm 1600×1350×2110mm
Machine bodyweight 540Kg 600KG 700KG 900KG


Optional unit:
Gusset system Nitrogen charging unit
Chain bag Vibrating unit
Punching system Sealing system
Exhaust/Inflatalbe gadgets Easy tear gadget
PE movie sealing  Bag assist gadget
Anti-Static electrical power Evacuating system
Horizontal seal cooling blowing device  Film rectify deviation adjust unit
Computerized feeding gadget  


Machine  Specifics :

Movie Installation  Diagram :

Bag  Former :

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Small Pouch Salt Sugar Back Sealing Packaging Machine